Welcome to the Women In-House website. Women In-House is a networking forum for women in-house lawyers to  network, share experiences and learn together.

Women in-house lawyers often face unique challenges not shared by our female colleagues in private practice or other company employees. Whether it be conflict or privilege issues, managing difficult internal clients, leading offshore teams, or anything in between, we all share similar challenges and experiences. As a lawyer, you may face legal issues that do not apply to private practitioners.  The experience of working in-house can also vary across industries, companies and within different offices, but is often characterised by limited opportunities for networking.

All of these factors combined make the role of a woman in-house lawyer extremely unique, varied and at times very interesting.  They can also mean that it can at times be difficult to meet women lawyers in other companies who have similar experiences, objectives and challenges as you, or to meet and learn from women who have successfully navigated those challenges. This can lead to isolation and perhaps dissatisfaction, less progress or development, or not reaching all of your potential.

“An organisation specifically for the growing number of in-house women lawyers.”

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That’s where Women In-House comes in. Imagine if you were easily able to tap into a network of women in-house lawyers, and be able to meet lawyers of the same level of seniority, or in the same industry, or in the same geographical area as you? A network where you can share experiences, swap ideas, and seek some assistance on issues that matter to you and them?  Lawyers who can help reach your full potential?

Women In-House provides a forum for women in-house lawyers to meet in a supportive, confidential and enjoyable environment. An organisation where women in-house lawyers can really get to know each other, to create networks and a forum for ideas, without the need for expensive subscriptions or long term commitment.

Who Are We?

Who are we? Women In-House is run on a volunteer basis by a small group of women in-house lawyers who have been working in-house for many years and who recognised the potential value of meeting other in-house women lawyers and creating new opportunities to network.

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